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Healing Scriptures Blanket - Velveteen Plush - Pink - 30x40

Healing Scriptures Blanket - Velveteen Plush - Pink - 30x40

When you are feeling unwell, it's sometimes hard to remember what the Bible says about health and healing, let alone recite it! This Healing Scriptures Blanket contains over 30 healing scriptures for you to snuggle under.

The Bible verses are not direct translations, but written as 1st person declarations, making it easier for you to claim your healing in your time of sickness.

If you are too unwell to pray for yourself, this Healing Scriptures Blanket serves as a reminder for those praying for you. They won't need to search their bibles - all the necessary Bible Verse about healing are right there, on your blanket!

Not only do you get to have God's word covering you, but this high-quality cosy fleece blanket is also unbelievably fluffy and warm.

The Healing Scriptures Blanket will also make a great heirloom family gift!

Available in three sizes: 30x40", 50x60", 60x80".

NB! Due to variations in the production process, blankets may arrive up to 3" shorter than their listed size.

.: 100% Polyester - This is an extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric which retains its shape